by Mass Graves

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released April 29, 2014

Engineered by Sean Fitzpatrick at Devotion Recording. Mixed and Mastered by Sean Fitzpatrick



all rights reserved


Mass Graves Massachusetts

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Track Name: As Integrity Falls
A weights been lifted. I have been set free. I've lost every ounce of hope. That lived inside of me. I've lost all faith in man. The entire human race. Integrity's falling. As we spit in it's face

We will never find a way. We will not see this through. No brighter day awaits

No brighter day awaits. As integrity falls

I will never believe and I will never accept. That this is it for us. That this is it for me.
No hope. No faith. No hope. No faith

As we fall from grace. The innocent suffer. We are eternally lost.
This is the fall of man. The end of all we know. As were all left to rot
Track Name: Betrayal
Mortal enemy. That's all you are. The epitome of disgust. Of greed. That's all I see in you.

Nothing's ever enough. You just take and take. You're someone I could never be. A thief, a snake, a lie.When you're caught. All we hear are cries. No sympathy.

Vengeance. That's all I fucking need. I close my eyes. That's all I fucking see. A snake. That's all you'll ever be. That's all you'll ever be

This is the end. This is the end. This is the end for you.

If I shall fall. Then you shall fall with me. If I must fall. Then you must fall with me
Track Name: Hands Of A Tyrant
Open hands with closed eyes. Your mouth is hung wide open. Feeding us with your lies. Your ideals. They are broken. Lost inside your greed. So blind. You cannot see. Lunacy. Is all you speak to me
You are a failure. You are the cancer. You are everything we've learned to fucking hate. You are a failure. You are the cancer. That lives inside of me
The mouth of a serpent. And all you spit is lies. Now your worlds coming down on you. Your untimely demise.

All you speak. Not one truth. All you spit are lies
Track Name: Days In Ignorance
As if hope exists in this world. We are surrounded by enemies. Waiting in the wings. Ready to knock us down. Time and time again. We are exposed by weakness. We believe we are safe. Ignorance.. it will bury us all
This worlds a grave. And we are born to die

The sky is falling. And there's nothing we can do. We did this to ourselves. You to me and I to you. A world corrupted. A world filled with greed. With cities burning. The loss of life. There is no need.

There is no hope in the world. We surrounded by enemies. Sickness fills the air. And we continue to breath it in